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Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) is a plastic foam material that was developed during the 1980's.

To manufacture Expanded Polypropylene(EPP), polypropylene pearls are expanded up to 50 times from their original volume. This tiny closed-cell foam pearls are injected in a mold, and by pressure and heat from steam,we create complex shaped pieces.

The specific characteristics of EPP make this a multifunctional material with a very wide range of applications. Some features of EPP are listed below.

 ●Extremely light.

 ●It is not harmful to health.

 ●Choise of color selection.

 ●Abrasion resistance.

 ●Thermally stable.

 ●No risk of damage during transportation.




 ●Thermal insulation.

 ●Absorption of energy (impact).

 ●Protection against multiple impacts.


 ●Resilience (mechanical memory).